Priscilla Martinez
  • Our Stones

    joyartejewelrycouture Sooooooo many projects on my bench this month – good problem to have! 🤣 And just looking at these gorgeous stones I am drooooooling. 🤤 #customjewelry#imyourgal#colorexplosion#sensoryhappy 🤩 #weship#jewelryartist#preciousstones

  • Inspirational Start

    Inspirational Start

    What’s my inspiration, you ask? For me, it is storytelling, and the more personal and detailed I can get, the better. These past two years with all its challenges gave me much to reflect on. The isolation of quarantining, the…

  • Miami Swim Week with Natalia Fedner

    Photo credit: Arun Nevader (Getty Images) In August, I was invited to collaborate with LA based designer Natalia Fedner with her unique and patented metal mesh garments for Miami Swim Week. Fun fact about Natalia – she’s also a Project…