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Estate Sale

Make A New Statement

Got old jewelry collecting dust in your drawer? Let’s resell it!

Convert your items into cash for a bigger budget to create a custom piece, or purchase new from joyarte ready-to-wear collections.

Estate Resale
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Estate Resale
Estate Resale Jewelry

We Resell Pieces You’re Ready to Part With

If you have come to us for a custom project, chances are you’re considering repurposing items that you no longer wear. But did you know they may still have beauty, life, and value too great to destroy?

Instead, let’s turn your unwanted pieces into cash for you, and a treasure for someone else. We bet your drawer has some items that still have some sparkle.

Sell or Buy with Confidence

We Guide You Every Step of the Way.

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Dusty Drawers

What precious metal or stone jewelry are you considering for a trade-in? Bring us your fine jewelry items that no longer are your favorites, or cease to rock your style.

Sing A New Song

Planning starts here! Let’s refine the direction you want to go next with your custom joyarte jewelry piece.


Two ways available to sell your old jewelry. Sell it time for its aesthetic value as an estate piece on consignment, or take an immediate credit based on its material value towards a new piece.

Start Anew

Now that you have a starting budget to work with, let’s get those creative juices flowing on your next joyarte statement piece.

A Place to Buy, A Place to Sell

Book a Consultation

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!

Bring your ideas and let’s personalize your plan.