Priscilla Martinez
I am Priscilla

I am Priscilla

I am Priscilla Martinez, and I love creating art, and I have been for as long as I can remember. Some people know me from my earlier years as an artist, where dance, theatre and fashion played a major role. I spent my youth training in ballet which eventually led me Boston and New York, where I spent several years working as an actor, model and performer. Back at home in San Antonio, my dance background opened me to teaching dance, and choreographing memorable story fill works for stage.

Not one to sit idle, I added jewelry to my creative mix. Locally some know me as the designer/creator behind Priscilla Laurel, where the work is bold and presentational, larger than life to accentuate and be seen from afar. Other folks know me by my original brand joyarte, which I founded in 2004 and trademarked in 2016. joyarte has always had a more delicate vibe to it, and its subtly enhances the most nuanced curves of the human body. I streamlined it to feature mostly my fine jewelry collections and bespoke commissions, using diamonds, top quality colored gemstones, and precious metals.

Both brands have brought joy and delight to numerous wearers and collectors. And both have had their moments in lights, featured on runways and Red Carpets in Seattle, Boston, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, San Antonio, and most recently in Miami for Miami Swim Week. In that event, I was invited to collaborate with LA based designer Natalia Fedner, with her unique and patented metal mesh garments. Fun fact about Natalia – she’s also a Project Runway alum!

The runway for Natalia’s collection was stunning to say the least, and I was incredibly proud to have my work accessorizing her perfectly styled looks. From that exposure, my work was invited to be used in editorial photoshoots for a couple of publications, both here and in LA. As the amazing images were rolling out on social media feeds, photographers, designers, and other people involved were getting confused on how to tag me. That was a huge turning point – the perfect opportunity to better define me as an artist – it was time for my work to be known eponymously, and simply, as Priscilla Martinez. It’s also time for jewelry to no longer be “just an accessory”. It’s time for jewelry to be front and center.

With the new branding of Priscilla Martinez, you’ll still find the bold and daring pieces of Priscilla Laurel along with the delicacy of the refined and bespoke work of joyarte – Under Priscilla Martinez; they will be more like collections. It’s still all me. My mind and heart have oodles of ideas screaming to get out, and I’ll still craft them all here in San Antonio with my team. I’ll still dig deep for the right inspiration, using my dance, theatre, music, and fashion background to guide me. I’ll still listen to my heart to find the poignant stories I love to tell for each piece, and I’ll still create the work as pieces of art – pieces where the human body meets the form, and the soul is forever moved with emotional connection. And mostly, I, and the work, will always invite the wearer to become Part of the Art.