Priscilla Martinez

Priscilla Martinez

All That is Me…All That is You

Inspired By My Stories and Yours

One should either be a piece of art or wear one.
~ Oscar Wilde


Metalwork, colorful, statement pieces.

About the Artist

My name is Priscilla and I love my job.

From Dancer to Jewelry Designer

Any Art Evokes a Feeling

I believe that art should evoke an emotion, a feeling – it should elicit conversation, and tell a distinct story. I love telling stories through two specific mediums – jewelry, and dance.

During my intense dance years, and when I was first learning the craft of choreography, I found the most compelling pieces for me were ones that left me breathless with emotion, where dancers (including myself!) related to each other with happiness, heartbreak, hunger, where I was left wanting more…

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Jewelry designed to go with everything on any day.

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adorning fashion icons and style mavens:
since 2003

Bold and classy designs make every girl, whether at home or on the runway know how vibrant they are inside and out.